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Theme 1: Global commons [download in colours] [download in B&W]

Theme 2: Food, agriculture and animal farming [download in colours] [download in B&W]

Theme 3: Housing and land-use planning  [download in colours] [download in B&W]

Theme 4: Transition models [download in colours] [download in B&W]

Theme 5: The role of public authorities in the transition  [download in colours] [download in B&W]

Theme 6: Transition and non-governmental stakeholders [download in colours] [download in B&W]

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Tim Jackson                   Pierre Radanne

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Sustainability Science for Strong Sustainability

Report requested by the Walloon Minister of Sustainable Development and for the Civil Service, Jean-Marc NOLLET

Tom DEDEURWAERDERE – 2013-01-11


Conference on 30/01/2013

On the occasion of the symposium, a conference open to everyone will take place at the UCL on 30/01/2013 at 4pm on the state of the planet.

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1st Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development